And here we are, a year later!

December 20, 2010

…and still no Hepcats news. I know. What people must remember is that Hepcats is no longer what I do for a (heh heh) living, nor is it even high on my leisure time priorities list. Right now I have a documentary feature I’m putting together piece by piece, while working as an AD (assistant director) and PA (production assistant) on various film and TV projects to pay the bills. It keeps me busy.

Part of me regrets the enthusiasm with which I announced the completion of Snowblind as a webcomic a few years back — not because I don’t intend to do it, but because the announcing of it inevitably meant that people would build up expectations of quick, if not immediate, delivery, and that it would also be misinterpreted as an announcement I am returning to comics as a working professional. The latter is emphatically not happening. I have a new line of work now, and hope to have some new creative efforts in that field to show old Hepcats fans that they’ll be just as entertained by. But for now, please don’t think I’m intentionally neglecting you. And if some of you feel my Snowblind announcement was misleading, sorry, that’s my bad and I should have been more clear about how it may or may not roll out depending upon other demands on my time.

For those of you who might like to see some new art, there is this item to show: a one-sheet for an independent crime comedy directed by a friend of mine here in Austin, who’s also assisting me in a producer capacity on my doc. It’s very much in the old Hepcats pen and ink style. It was fun to do, but did not exactly instill in me a desire to return to a full-time schedule of 16-hour days at the drawing table.

As any new work of mine that I think might interest you crops up, I’ll update here. Otherwise, I do hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.


Hello again and Happy 2010

January 15, 2010

A tad belated, I know. But apart from the fact I still have artwork I need to ship to some people, there really is nothing new to report on the Hepcats front. I’ve been working full time (QC for a e-pub company), which is a nice thing to have in this economy, and it’s afforded me the comfort of having bills paid and no disputes with the Zombie Landlady (unlike 2007-08, years that are best forgotten) while I continue the arduous process of getting my documentary together and completing another script project on my downtime. So, yes, I’d post more here, but there’s nothing that exciting happening directly related to comics work, for which I apologize. Any work on Hepcats at this point, as it’s no longer the thing I’m trying to do to earn a living, will be for the moment low on the priority scale, and I hope folks understand that.

No news is no news

March 2, 2009

Haven’t updated here in a while, for a number of reasons. One of which is I don’t have internet at the house at the moment. I do need to post the last of the mini pages, and finish up a heap of waaaaaaaaay overdue sketch packages (I won’t be offering those again for a long time), but mainly I’ve been concentrating on hanging on to what paying work I have, during hard times and all. Sorry to be out of touch so long, and I’ll try to have more detailed updates during March sometime.

New BLINK from Ink

August 31, 2008

Max Ink, minicomicartiste extraordinaire and a fine fellow whom I’ve met through the Yahoo group, has a new issue of his slice-of-lifer Blink up as a Flickr set here. He says he’ll send a free hardcopy to anyone who contacts him at mail [dot] max [dot] ink [at] gmail [dot] com. But I think the swell thing to do would be to offer to Paypal him a couple of bucks for one, don’t you?

Taking care of business

August 29, 2008

Back when I was self-publishing, it seems I often made nothing but mistakes. A lot of these involved people who were supporting me, financially, through mail ordering merchandise or subscriptions or other stuff. And that’s not right, and something I need to redress if I can. When I left the business, I left a lot of unfinished business in my wake.

So it’s well past time to take care of some of that. Is there anyone out there, from the 1990’s, who bought a subscription, or a drawing, or a strip, or a book, or anything that they never got? Then by all means, email me at mw_director [at] yahoo [dot] com, and I’ll do what I can to take care of you. To anyone who’s ever felt I treated them unfairly or didn’t hold up my end of a deal, I apologize — especially the fine gang at Antarctic Press, whom I treated pretty doggone shabbily. I can’t restart 1989-1998 over again, and I might only be able to make amends in small ways, but hopefully it will be enough.

Addendum, 8/29: Okay, this is all good. I was put in touch with the owner of Outer Limits Comics in Waltham, MA, today. Way back in 1992 it appears he never got a shipment of The Collegiate Hepcats he pre-ordered. 1992! (TCH, which came out in 1993, was a book I helped pay for through such preorders.) Man. Anyway, we had a nice chat on the phone, then I went to drop his refund in the mail. I know some folks may think it’s absurd I wouldn’t remember something like this. They may have eidetic memories from 16 years ago; I sure don’t. This gentleman had something better. Being (unlike me) a smart businessman, he’d hung onto that invoice. So while I’m sorry to have let that happen to Outer Limits, I’m happy to have the chance to pay him back. I will do the same for any and all other retailers who ever failed to receive merchandise.

Addendum, 9/1: An old reader, Jim Ottaviani, wrote in over a $20 subscription that never got filled, suggesting, “But how about making a donation to the ACLU, CBLDF, Humane Society, or The Nature Conservancy in my name? It’s not about the money after all these years anyway. Cheers for trying to make good on this.” Well, you do what you gotta do. I suggested an Austin animal shelter, Blue Dog Rescue (to whom you should consider donating as well), Jim thought that sounded great, and the $20 donation was made. Yay!

Mini pages 4-5 posted

August 23, 2008

Getting close to the end! Sorry for the delay in getting these up, but some real work has been calling recently. (Whether any of it will actually pan out is anyone’s guess, but hey, that’s life.) Should have page 6 up, tomorrow — oh, let’s just say soon!

Rest of mini coming, plus originals for sale

August 5, 2008

Hey gang. Ben a bit of a lull, I know, but I’ll be getting the rest of the mini up soon as I can. In the interim, for those of you who’d like a little (or not so little) piece of Hepcats on your walls, I have the following old original pages on offer. Page numbers are as per the Snowblind graphic novel.

  • 90-91: double page splash on large Bristol: $175
  • 110-111: double page splash on illo board: $200
  • 178-179: as above: $200
  • Single pages on Bristol at $100 each: 47, 54, 62, 63, 67, 89, 92, 128 (boobies!), 137, 212
  • Original Double Diamond era cover artwork for #5, Erica peering out door. I found this one in an old file, still taped up from when it was returned to me by the color separators! Pristine watercolor on Bristol: $225
  • COMICS JOURNAL #173 cover, Martin Thomas colors on blueline with transparency. This is a huge piece of illo board, with coloring done the old fashioned way, by hand, with my own line art laid over it on a transparency. So the “original” art here is actually Dr. Martin’s fine work, but it’s a fantastic, framable piece all the same. I later re-used this artwork (the Hepcats gang at a pizza parlor) for the AP San Diego Ashcan: $250
  • For the superfanatic art collectors (you don’t exist, but I’ll list this just for completion’s sake), the Snowblind GN fully painted wraparound cover: $799

If anyone’s interested, email me a mw_director [at] yahoo [dot] com to discuss payment options and the like. Thanks and I’ll be back soon.

Update 8/26/08: Page 128 has sold. No more boobies! Still lots of good stuff left though.

Mini page 3 posted

July 17, 2008

It’s now up at the Flickr set, here.

Orders for the package deals have been coming in; there are still 36 of the 40 on offer still available, so get yours reserved asap if you haven’t done so. So far, the sketch requests, apart from the one guy who asked for Gunther, have been favoring the idea of Erica role playing. I’ve been asked to do:

  • Erica in classic-style Batgirl costume doing the “Batusi”
  • Erica as a Jedi
  • Erica as Janis Joplin(!)

Folks, I’m all over these! Though I will draw the line at any sort of depraved BDSM scenario, so all you pervs take a cold shower! And I don’t think Erica herself would be into anything like Sailormoon cosplay or the like. But role playing showing good imagination and a measurable amount of geek cred will go a long way. If the buyers give me permission, I’ll post these sketches online as well.

For info on ordering a mini/sketch package, see the previous post. I’ll be posting pages 4 & 5 simultaneously next. Laters.

Mail ordering hardcopies

July 12, 2008

Chalk this up to one of those “Duh!” moments that’s bound to occur while I’m still trying to wrap my head around getting back into the swing of things. On the Hepcats mailing list I offered two mail order package deals, as I have a few serious expenses — mostly a vet appointment for my kidney-infected dog — I need to cover, as follows:

PACKAGE 1: $25
* 2 signed hardcopies of the mini (one to give to a pal, or use as a loaner)
* A sketch-to-order of your favorite character. These will be in the manner of San Diego-quality con sketches. And feel free to get fun with them. I’ve already had one reader request Erica dressed as a Jedi! Hey, whatever floats your boat!

PACKAGE 2: $45
* All of the above except you get 3 minis, and…
* An original daily strip

D’oh! What I forgot to mention was that people can get just a hardcopy of the mini all on its own for $2.00. All these can be ordered by Paypalling me at mw_director [at] yahoo [dot] com. I’m only offering forty copies total of the packages, in any combination. So if 15 people want the $45 one, and the other 25 want the $25 one, that’s all I’m doing. Mainly, this is so the orders are at a realistic level for me to fulfill, and I don’t end up in the kind of embarrassing situation I’ve been in in the past, where some poor chap ends up falling through the cracks and doesn’t get his order for years and years. (It’s happened, I’m shamed to say.)

Anyway, I’m hoping to get enough interest that the package orders are all filled here over the weekend, or by Monday ideally, mainly because I want to get my dog back to the vet ASAP. Poor girl has now been off her antibiotics for a week, and is back to peeing herself again, so it’s back to the doggie diapers with regular medicated shampooing. My regular film/TV crew work has been thin on the ground for about a month now, otherwise this would have been taken care of.

So please email me at the aforementioned address to line up a package for yourself if you are so inclined. If you live outside the US, this is especially necessary so I can give you postage rates.

Rest of the mini pages are coming this week. I think you’ll enjoy it. It brings back some of that snarky Joey/Gunther repartee from the college strip days. Even though we’re all old men now.

Oh yes. I should mention I’m down to the last 16 copies of the hardcover Snowblind graphic novel, too.

Addendum Monday 7/14: Another stupid detail I forgot. Everyone doesn’t use or have access to Paypal. If you’d like a package or any other merch, simply email me at that above address, and I’ll give you snail mail info for payment via money order (can’t do personal checks, sorry).

Posting the new Hepcats minicomic!

July 12, 2008

Okay, I’ve finally gotten around to this, after a busy springtime. As of this posting, the first two pages of the new 8-page minicomic have been posted as a Flickr set, which you can access here. The full story is coming over the next week, but these two pages ought to get you started, with some surprising facts about some of the characters’ lives so many years after we left them.

This is only the start of the story, which is set in 2006, and contains no Snowblind spoilers, for those of you waiting for a resolution to that story. It is still forthcoming, but I find I need to do some simpler work like this first, before trying to throw myself back into a complex and lengthy graphic novel plotline that I sadly abandoned ten years ago and really haven’t thought about since.

I credit the ongoing love and support of Hepcats fans on the Yahoo Group for the existence of this. You guys and girls did the frickin’ impossible. You got me started on a new Hepcats story after ten years, a decade during which I had decided full stop that I was done with comics for good and all.

Thanks. This has actually been fun. A sensation I honestly never felt while I was actually struggling with the series from about 1994 on.

I’ll append this entry over the next few days as I add the rest of the 8-page story.

Note on hardcopies: If you’re one of the folks who bought stuff from me last December/January during that big fundraiser I had, you’re automatically getting a signed hardcopy. As for the rest of you, well, this is under a Creative Commons license, so I guess there’s no stopping any of you from printing up your own copies. But if you’d like a signed hardcopy from me, I’ll be putting that info up here later on. Actually, I am needing to do another big fundraiser starting this weekend (doggie gotta go to vet for kidney meds), so look for plenty of information on the various goodies I’ll be putting together for you all to be posted throughout the evening of Friday, July 11.

Thanks again and I’ll be back soon.