Mail ordering hardcopies

July 12, 2008

Chalk this up to one of those “Duh!” moments that’s bound to occur while I’m still trying to wrap my head around getting back into the swing of things. On the Hepcats mailing list I offered two mail order package deals, as I have a few serious expenses — mostly a vet appointment for my kidney-infected dog — I need to cover, as follows:

PACKAGE 1: $25
* 2 signed hardcopies of the mini (one to give to a pal, or use as a loaner)
* A sketch-to-order of your favorite character. These will be in the manner of San Diego-quality con sketches. And feel free to get fun with them. I’ve already had one reader request Erica dressed as a Jedi! Hey, whatever floats your boat!

PACKAGE 2: $45
* All of the above except you get 3 minis, and…
* An original daily strip

D’oh! What I forgot to mention was that people can get just a hardcopy of the mini all on its own for $2.00. All these can be ordered by Paypalling me at mw_director [at] yahoo [dot] com. I’m only offering forty copies total of the packages, in any combination. So if 15 people want the $45 one, and the other 25 want the $25 one, that’s all I’m doing. Mainly, this is so the orders are at a realistic level for me to fulfill, and I don’t end up in the kind of embarrassing situation I’ve been in in the past, where some poor chap ends up falling through the cracks and doesn’t get his order for years and years. (It’s happened, I’m shamed to say.)

Anyway, I’m hoping to get enough interest that the package orders are all filled here over the weekend, or by Monday ideally, mainly because I want to get my dog back to the vet ASAP. Poor girl has now been off her antibiotics for a week, and is back to peeing herself again, so it’s back to the doggie diapers with regular medicated shampooing. My regular film/TV crew work has been thin on the ground for about a month now, otherwise this would have been taken care of.

So please email me at the aforementioned address to line up a package for yourself if you are so inclined. If you live outside the US, this is especially necessary so I can give you postage rates.

Rest of the mini pages areĀ coming this week. I think you’ll enjoy it. It brings back some of that snarky Joey/Gunther repartee from the college strip days. Even though we’re all old men now.

Oh yes. I should mention I’m down to the last 16 copies of the hardcover Snowblind graphic novel, too.

Addendum Monday 7/14: Another stupid detail I forgot. Everyone doesn’t use or have access to Paypal. If you’d like a package or any other merch, simply email me at that above address, and I’ll give you snail mail info for payment via money order (can’t do personal checks, sorry).


2 Responses to “Mail ordering hardcopies”

  1. David McHale Says:

    Hey Martin,

    Sorry to hear about Midnight. I’d like to contribute to your “How to Care for My Dog While Still Being Able to Pay My Bills” fund.

    I’d definitely like a copy of the mini. You listed it as being a hardcover? I might have read that wrong, though. Whichever format it’s in would be great.

    I’d also love an Erica sketch and had something specific in mind. Now that Cleveland has a good football team again, could you draw her in a Browns ball cap and/or a jersey? Maybe a regular hat colored orange? I think she’d look good!

    I do have a Paypal account, so sign me up for the #1 deal. What’s the cost of shipping up here?

    I hope everything turns out OK.

    Best regards,

    David McHale

  2. Martin Says:

    Hi David, and thanks. Yes, I didn’t mean “hardcover.” I meant hardcopies,” as in, printed on paper, as opposed to jpeg files online. Shipping airmail to Canada is an additional $5.00 over the regular package price. And while I don’t know about Erica’s own preferences in football teams (though I suspect she has a soft spot for the Saints), she probably won’t mind donning the Browns jersey, just for you.

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