Mini page 3 posted

July 17, 2008

It’s now up at the Flickr set, here.

Orders for the package deals have been coming in; there are still 36 of the 40 on offer still available, so get yours reserved asap if you haven’t done so. So far, the sketch requests, apart from the one guy who asked for Gunther, have been favoring the idea of Erica role playing. I’ve been asked to do:

  • Erica in classic-style Batgirl costume doing the “Batusi”
  • Erica as a Jedi
  • Erica as Janis Joplin(!)

Folks, I’m all over these! Though I will draw the line at any sort of depraved BDSM scenario, so all you pervs take a cold shower! And I don’t think Erica herself would be into anything like Sailormoon cosplay or the like. But role playing showing good imagination and a measurable amount of geek cred will go a long way. If the buyers give me permission, I’ll post these sketches online as well.

For info on ordering a mini/sketch package, see the previous post. I’ll be posting pages 4 & 5 simultaneously next. Laters.


One Response to “Mini page 3 posted”

  1. Mike Johnson Says:


    I was a Hepcats reader from the initial issue, and still have all my copies, collections, etc.

    Glad I found your site here, and am pretty darn happy to see the mini-comic coming out.

    Met you once 10-11 years ago at a comic shop appearance you did in Elmhurst, Il. You’re a personable fellow, and I hope you had a chance to use the free movie ticket I gave you!

    Looking forward to more from you now that you have this site…

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