Taking care of business

August 29, 2008

Back when I was self-publishing, it seems I often made nothing but mistakes. A lot of these involved people who were supporting me, financially, through mail ordering merchandise or subscriptions or other stuff. And that’s not right, and something I need to redress if I can. When I left the business, I left a lot of unfinished business in my wake.

So it’s well past time to take care of some of that. Is there anyone out there, from the 1990’s, who bought a subscription, or a drawing, or a strip, or a book, or anything that they never got? Then by all means, email me at mw_director [at] yahoo [dot] com, and I’ll do what I can to take care of you. To anyone who’s ever felt I treated them unfairly or didn’t hold up my end of a deal, I apologize — especially the fine gang at Antarctic Press, whom I treated pretty doggone shabbily. I can’t restart 1989-1998 over again, and I might only be able to make amends in small ways, but hopefully it will be enough.

Addendum, 8/29: Okay, this is all good. I was put in touch with the owner of Outer Limits Comics in Waltham, MA, today. Way back in 1992 it appears he never got a shipment of The Collegiate Hepcats he pre-ordered. 1992! (TCH, which came out in 1993, was a book I helped pay for through such preorders.) Man. Anyway, we had a nice chat on the phone, then I went to drop his refund in the mail. I know some folks may think it’s absurd I wouldn’t remember something like this. They may have eidetic memories from 16 years ago; I sure don’t. This gentleman had something better. Being (unlike me) a smart businessman, he’d hung onto that invoice. So while I’m sorry to have let that happen to Outer Limits, I’m happy to have the chance to pay him back. I will do the same for any and all other retailers who ever failed to receive merchandise.

Addendum, 9/1: An old reader, Jim Ottaviani, wrote in over a $20 subscription that never got filled, suggesting, “But how about making a donation to the ACLU, CBLDF, Humane Society, or The Nature Conservancy in my name? It’s not about the money after all these years anyway. Cheers for trying to make good on this.” Well, you do what you gotta do. I suggested an Austin animal shelter, Blue Dog Rescue (to whom you should consider donating as well), Jim thought that sounded great, and the $20 donation was made. Yay!


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