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Hello again and Happy 2010

January 15, 2010

A tad belated, I know. But apart from the fact I still have artwork I need to ship to some people, there really is nothing new to report on the Hepcats front. I’ve been working full time (QC for a e-pub company), which is a nice thing to have in this economy, and it’s afforded me the comfort of having bills paid and no disputes with the Zombie Landlady (unlike 2007-08, years that are best forgotten) while I continue the arduous process of getting my documentary together and completing another script project on my downtime. So, yes, I’d post more here, but there’s nothing that exciting happening directly related to comics work, for which I apologize. Any work on Hepcats at this point, as it’s no longer the thing I’m trying to do to earn a living, will be for the moment low on the priority scale, and I hope folks understand that.